Do you feel like you have forgotten something? You have all the gifts bought and wrapped. The stocking stuffers are safely hidden away. Santa gifts are even wrapped and hidden away. So what is missing from the list?

Everything is ready, so why don't I feel like I am?

For one, we haven't been to the Temple Lights yet. We have that planned for tonight. We made a night weeks ago, but it poured rain all night so we had to reschedule. I always feel a strong desire to attend church the Sunday before Christmas. I guess to reconnect with Jesus and the true reason for the season.

I want to listen to my Dad reading the Nativity story right out of the Holy Bible. I miss acting out the Nativity with my family. We don't do that (having no boys.) Maybe I can have my mom record my Dad reading it, or maybe call and she can put him on speaker phone so my girls can listen to their Grandpa reading. I don't know I just feel like I need that on Christmas Eve to make it feel... right.

It doesn't help that this year I am sick (oh lovely cold, how I despise you.) My head is awash in liquidy, sloshiness. It isn't awful enough to sleep all day but its not nice.

Today was Rhayn's last day of school for 2007. She is getting excited, but for me, it is most exciting to not have to get up and dressed and drive her to school in the chilly morning. I am really looking forward to trying to sleep in tomorrow, then getting up and baking my butt off. It is time for some tasty bread! I just finished some sugar cookie dough. That has to refrigerate for at least 3 hours, and will be perfect tomorrow when I want to make them. I bought a prebaked gingerbread house kit at Costco. Sad, but Will and I did make it from scratch one year and it was WAY too much trouble. So we decided that was not worth it and the kit is perfect.

(Look how many labels this post has! Wow!)

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