Birth Story

This is a rough draft- but I know TLC at least wants to read it... there is a lot of it missing...

The midwife broke my water at home, around 3 am and it worked. We had been scheduled for a hospital induction 7 am that morning. Luckily, by 6:30 I was having little contractions that were getting worse and were actually making progress. I thought I was in for a long day! By 9 am, the contractions had become almost on top of eachother, and I thought I was going to DIE! I had to have constant pressure on my back and wanted my head buried in something(or pushed against the wall!). I tried being in the shower, and as long as someone was reaching in also putting pressure on my back I was fine.
The midwife tried to check Gwen's heartrate and couldn't find her, so she made me get out and noticed that my labor was moving VERY quickly and Gwen was moving down quickly. She did say I was 90% effaced and 4 cm at that point, but said by the noises I was making that it was going to go fast. She started setting stuff up, while Will and the student midwife helped me onto the toilet.
The noises I was making- the deep "Uhhhhhhh" groan scared Rhayn. She later told me that she didn't like it, and Will told me she was hiding in the closet.
At some point they moved me to the bed again. I guess I made some noise and started pushing. Pam asked me if I was pushing and I just grunted. She checked me and I started pushing for real.
I moved into a squat and was using my mom to support me, I needed someone there.
It hurt, but I knew it would be worth it.
Pam kept telling me to breathe, to not moan.
Finally she asked Will if he was going to catch the baby (I heard this part later) and he at first said no, then she asked him again and he said "shouldn't I wash my hands or something?"
I could feel her head crowning. I was trying to push slowly, to not tear.
I think At one point Pam told me to push slowly, and her head was out. She told me to hold on, checked for cord, and then Gwendolyn was out.
I heard "Reach for your baby"
and there she was - in my arms.

The best part was getting to hold her and looking around my bedroom at my family. My husband who was beaming. My mom, covered in my sweat, sitting back and resting. My dad and sister in the doorway. My older daughter- looking at her new sister, in awe. The 2 best ladies in the world, Pam and Allison- they had helped me do something I wasn't sure I was going to be able to do, they were vital.
and my new baby, still attached to me, in my arms and all mine.
I did it, at home. And it was amazing!


hairball said...

hey chica!! What's the news on your sister? I would call your parents house but last time I called your mother it was 10:30 AM and you were popping out a baby. She was so stressed out! Keep us posted on your sissy and great baby story.....we need more gorey details (well not too gorey, i don't want to be afraid to have another kid.)

abeNanna said...

What can I say, but that was the neatest experience. Since we went through the pain anyway with the first four kids I think that it would have been so much better to have the support and care that you received with our Gwennie. Pam and Allsion were both so great. They told us what to do without being pushy and made use of us in whatever way that they could (even if I got to be the squeeze dummy).

Dad stood outside the door and listened in on everything. He said when he heard the baby cry he went downstairs to get Brie and Rhaynnon, they beat him back upstairs.

Letting Rhaynnon help measure her sister and be there so early was too neat. She wouldn't have been allowed to if you had not had her at home.

One of the great great grandma's was a licensed midwife in Utah, back in the early days - I think one of the first in the area. She is probably looking down on you and being proud that you chose to bring Gwen into the world in such a gentle way.

TLC said...

Thanks for sharing!! I am a sucker for birth stories. I loved hearing about all the other special ways everyone gets to be a part of this beautiful moment. I am so happy for you - openening yourself up for this experience! I can't wait to see photos! enjoy your baby-moon!

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