RhaynyDay #9 In which she turns 8

Today, she turned eight. Eight whole years old. And it has to have been the worst birthday she has ever had. Mommy is a mess today, because we have been up since 4:30. Mommy is a mess today because we dropped Daddy off at the airport at 5 am. You are sad because Daddy left. You kept saying "It doesn't feel like my birthday" and I agree. But that is so something that happens as you get older. Not that it should happen when you are only 8, but its a normal feeling. Mommy didn't have the energy to really make today special for you. I hope that I will have energy tomorrow, and that we will be able to do something just for you. I hope that we will be able to fall easily into our routine and that the gaping wound left by Daddy's departure will heal more quickly. (Not that it truly heals, but it does eventually become less intense, and then becomes a barely painful scar.)

Dear Rhayn,

I am sorry that today sucked. I hope to make it up to you somehow. I love you.



Mo said...

Happy Birthday Rhayn! xx

purplelurple said...

Sorry that today was a crappy day. It is okay to mourn your hubby leaving and yeah Rhayn didn't have a super exciting fantastical day but She did still get to have her mom. And I think she is a pretty smart little girl and she knows just how wonderful her mommy is so, I really don't think it is something she will hold against you. Heck she will probably thank you later for showing her it is okay to show emotions.

Everyday Mom Designs said...

Happy Birthday Big Girl!

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