Oh No

All morning there were strange smells coming from Gwennie, as she filled diaper after diaper with poo the consistency of new baby poo. She didn't seem upset by it, and played happily.

By mid afternoon, I noticed that my stomach is feeling queasy. Yoga class was miserable. I can only imagine that this means I have some stomach thing.

As Rhayn was getting ready for bed, she mentions that her tummy hurts, too.

Joy. Bliss. What fun.

Let us just hope that the note that was sent home today from school (that there was a case of strep throat) was not in Rhayn's class, but I think that maybe her tummy ache might be from that. Her glands are swollen, her throat looks filled with pustules. I might keep her some tomorrow, just because, and maybe take her to the doctor, too.

As for me, I am about to go lay down, and turn on crapola television. I haven't watched any today yet. I hope my period starts soon, because I feel moody and yucky, and Will isn't talking to me because of the b-word I have been to him. My breasts hurt, and I have a plugged duct because Gwennie has cut down to only a few nursings a day. Sigh. Sometimes I hate being a girl.

I neglected to turn on my VCR timer, so only have the last 15 minutes of ANTM to watch.

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