I had a nice day. I had my hair trimmed and my purple streak bleached (so that I can re-purple it.) Then my mom called because we were planning to meet up with her in the afternoon. She needed to get her car fixed, and was in town. It was going to take quite a few hours, so I picked Rhayn up from school early and we headed over. The Toyota dealership was awesome, with this really neat pirate ship play area for kids. Unfortunately, as happens every other day in my world, Gwen hit her head as she fell off of the crow's nest ladder.

We went to Target and wandered around for hours, looking at nearly everything.

My dad was in town doing his new job, and so he met us for dinner. We ate at the Texas Roadhouse (yum!) After dinner we all headed home.

Gwen fell asleep in the car, and slept all the way home. However when we came in, she became really fussy. She told me that her "belly owie!" She writhed and coughed, but didn't puke (yet.) I took her temperature. I held her upright and we rocked, and she nursed for a minute, then suddenly told me "I no want it." What? She must be REALLY sick, if she turns down gup! I asked her if she wanted to watch Shrek, so that I could blog (yeah, great Mom am I.) She said "Nes" and climbed into my bed, curled into a ball, and waited for me to turn it on. Right now she is on her stomach with her butt in the air watching Shrek 2. I am worried that this will be a long night. I am sure that this is something we have picked up from school. I believe I mentioned yesterday that Rhayn said her tummy hurt last night? And mine feels a little queasy, but that might be stress related.

Sigh, another day, another illness, right?

*Its 930 pm now, Shrek has ended and I just did the unthinkable (well, it was unthinkable before I had children, but now? It isn't just thinkable- its a regular sicktime occurrence.) I heard Gwennie getting ready to puke, and so put out my hands and caught. I didn't manage to keep it all from getting on the bed and she soiled two blankets in her hurling. However, she seems a little calmer. She was passing some pretty noxious gas before the vomiting.

I can feel a headache starting, and all I want is to sleep. This however is the last thing I think I will be doing tonight.

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