First Day of School 2008

First day of school outfit. (Yes she picked that shirt with the dress.)

Listening to some music while waiting to get new tires.

Sharing music with my Gwennie Goo. (Don't mind the crappy hair. It was hot and humid and well.. there is no excuse for it. I need a trim and color, just like Amie.)

It was Rhayn's first day back. New hours, new classroom. She was so excited. I must admit that in a way I was, too. Until I walked onto the campus. I glanced around, realizing that my closest friend was not going to be there, I mean I knew she moved, but a part of me had pretended it wasn't so. I wandered the play yard, lonely. I watched the rose ceremony missing my friend so much it hurt. The I had the realization that my little girl is in 2nd grade. That is so old. This is the year they turn 8, this is the year she will most likely (behind her classmates I must add) lose those front teeth and get her giant adult teeth. Not only is it a big year for her, her daddy won't be here to watch her grow and change. He will be far away, in a scary place, and we will be here, pretending that everything is the same as it always is.

Today I finally replaced the tires on our truck. I must say, that I didn't think it would make that big of a difference. It did. WOW. The ride was so smooth it felt fake as I drove away. I wish we could have done this much sooner.

Another friend gave me the number of a person who will be able to watch my Goo. I called her and spoke with her a little. It was nice. She is LDS, and recently moved here. She is watching another person from Rhayn's school's nearly two year old daughter. She has a nearly two year old daughter herself. It sounds like a perfect fit, and I must admit that I felt comfortable with her when I talked to her on the phone. I will meet her next week. Wish us luck.


HomeSlice said...

much luck on the Goo-sitter front and happy first day of school. i'm sorry you are missing your friend so much - i know that is super hard. my closest friend is 5 hours away in charlotte.

Amie said...

Gosh I don't know why I'm so dumb. My sister in law who lives near you does home daycare, I totally could have recommended her. I still can if things don't work out with the other lady. Rhayn looks very stripey! =) And you look just great...love your hair color.

Alicia said...

Good luck with the sitter. I had that same comfortable feeling when I spoke to our daycare provider for the first time over the phone, too. Trust that first instinct.

I'm so sorry you're missing your friend so much. Why do so many things in life have to be bittersweet?

... said...

I hate trying to find child care. it is not fun. I worry what people think to much. will they care for madders... or is it just for money. I wished we lived near eachother gwennie and madders are such a good fit together.

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