First Day of First Grade

Today was the first day, of many. At her school the first day involves what they call the "Rose Ceremony." First all of the teachers (grades eighth through first) are introduced and they tell a little about what their students will be doing this year. When they get to the first grade teacher he (in our case) talks to his class. Then the eighth graders get up and hand all of the first graders a rose to symbolize the beginning of their educational journey. It was quite sweet.

I have been so excited about school starting, I forgot that it would be bittersweet. When the first graders walked away from the rose ceremony, I didn't have anywhere to go. In kindergarten the parents were encouraged to hang around, and siblings were invited into the class. In first grade it is different. In first grade, they are walked off with their teacher, to a class on the "big kid" side of campus. It was so depressing to me! I though kindergarten would be sad, but I never really became depressed during the school year. But today? I had to keep myself busy to keep from dwelling on it.

Rhayn's thoughts from her first day:

We have desks.
We have our own books, and we keep them there, and we write a line and a curve.
Before all of those things we went to play and we went for a walk. Then went to class.

*****The dress Gwennie is wearing I made. I also made the matching hat. Thanks to Purplelurple for the pink fabric and pattern for the hat! It is so cute! (I used the doggy material and some of the cloud to make a "goggy ganket" for Gwen because she carried the dog fabric around telling me it was a blanket anyway!)


purplelurple said...

Woww that turned out so cute. Can you make a hat like that for miss mae? I am glad she finally got a goggy blanket! :)

Amie said...

Great job on the dress; you are so talented! Congrats to Rhayn! What a big girl. And what a neat ceremony that is. You'll do fine, mom!

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