Couples Survey

Couples Survey

[1] What are your middle names? I didn't answer #1 because, well, I want a small amount of anonymity and middle names are not allowed. I do really like my middle name and I would share it with ya if I could.
[2] How long have you been together? We met January 29th, 2000, but broke up in July 2000, back together around April of 2001 (sort of, we started seeing each other again) and have been together since.
[3] How long did you know each other before you started dating? We had met once.
[4] Who asked whom out? He asked me.
[5] How old are each of you? 30 and 31
[6] What are your astrological signs? Scorpio/Sagittarius (me) Cancer (him)
[7] When was your first kiss? Our second date
[8] Who's mother do you see the most? Mine
[9]Who's father? Mine
[10] Do you have any children together? two girls
[11] What about pets? A dog and a three cats
[12] Do you have a song? F#$% the World, the Queers (I know- romantic, huh?)
[13] Which bill is the hardest on you as a couple? Car insurance ***Updated, I asked Will about this. He said our car insurance is not that bad. So I am not really sure which bill is the worst. Probably the credit card, but even that is not fight worthy.
[14] Who pays the bills? I make sure they get paid, as in set up online bill pay and all that. He makes the money that pay those bills, though.
[15] Who drives and who sits shotgun? He drives, I sit shotgun.
[16] Did you go to the same school? No, but we knew a lot of the same people before me met.
[17] Are you from the same hometown? No.
[18] Do you live in the same town now? Well, for the moment. He will be living in Iraq soon.
[19] Who is the smartest? I would have to say him, but he doesn't think he is smart at all. (grrr.)
[20] Who is the most sensitive? Me
[21] Where do you eat out at most as a couple? We go for Curry.
[22] Where do you shop the most as a couple? the internet.
[23] Where is the furthest you have traveled as a couple? Los Angelos. Really far, huh?
[24] Who has the best group of friends? Him.
[25] Who has the craziest exes? That one is hard. We both have some crazy exes.
[26] Who has the worst temper? Me, but mine fizzles out quickly. He can hold onto anger for months.
[27] Who does the cooking? Mostly me, but he is a great cook.
[28] Who is more social? Him, but it used to be me.
[29] Who is the neat-freak? Me, I want stuff clean. But he will get wild hairs up his butt and want everything clean suddenly.
[30] Who is the most affectionate? He is.
[31] Who is the most stubborn? Him.
[32] Who hogs the bed? He does
[33] Who wakes up earlier? He does.
[34] Where was your first date? Mini golf then Denny's, but we went with a couple of friends. Our first date alone was to Macayo's (Mexican food) then for a walk around a park.
[35] Who said I Love You first? Him.
[36] Who has the bigger family? Brothers and sisters? Him. Extended, as in cousins and all that- Me.
[37] Do you give/get flowers often? Once a year sometimes twice.
[38] How do you spend the holidays? With my family. But we try to see his brother during that time, too.
[39] Do you have cute little names for each other? He does call me some interesting things.

Ok everyone- lets see yours!


Alicia said...

Oooh, fun. I'm gonna have to do this one later.

HomeSlice said...

super fun to read yours! off to do mine :-)

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