Happy Easter (or day of SCREAMING)

Another holiday.

I know that this day is sacred, and we should be talking about Jesus and his resurrection. However I felt so lost today. I had a hard enough time just putting the baskets for the girls together last night. Then last night I had about the worst night of sleep. Poor Gwen would not go to bed. She screamed at me so I turned the light off, and lay in bed myself (praying for a few moments of quiet). She screamed "I DON'T WANT THE LIGHT OFF!" over and over until she had worked herself into such a frenzy and was sobbing uncontrollably. I asked her what she wanted, gave her a few options. "I DON'T WANT__(whatever I had offered)____!" (I can hear her in the next room, yelling that statement at Rhayn. Right. Now.)

When I was finally able to get her to calm down a little, she was hiccuping and sobbing for about ten minutes. You know what finally got her to calm down?

"Goo? Do you want to look at pictures of Daddy?"

Yup. It seems to be the thing that gets her. Every. Time. I need to make a couple of booklets of pictures of him. One filled with pictures of Gwennie Goo and Daddy, one of Rhayn and Daddy. I plan to enlist his help while he is here next week (hooray!) and have him write extra special things to them on each page. Not sure if I will make it a scrapbook thing or a photo book like these. I made Rhayn one for Christmas a few years ago. It is a big hit.

After she finally fell asleep around tenish, I thought I was good for the night. I rolled over, and relaxed into my pillow. But multiple times during the night she awoke and cried out. She talked and yelled at "Sister!" She did not sleep well, and since we share a space, neither did I.

6:30 came so early when Rhayn climbs into my bed, and starts talking to me. Mean ole' mama that I am, I made her stay quiet at least until 7, before she could see if the Easter Bunny brought her a basket. Gwen had to be woken up (no, I totally didn't want to, but I thought maybe a cup of hot Hawaiian java would make me feel more like a person, less like a zombie.) We couldn't go downstairs and leave her upstairs, her basket of crap waiting.

I made boots and knee (or how ever you spell/write/say it) which is simply scrambled pancakes. I am not a breakfast person, just like my mom, but I am trying really hard to make sure they eat well. Yesterday we had oatmeal with applesauce in it, for, you know, energy. As the girls ate, I came upstairs and looked at movie show times. I know, very spiritual. I decided to take the girls to see Horton Hears a Who, but I decided not to tell them what we were doing. I bathed and dressed us all. We got into the car, and drove off. It wasn't until we were almost to the theater that Rhayn asked if we were going to a movie.

The movie was super cute. I really enjoyed it, and the girls seemed to as well. Gwen kept yelling out "ELEPHANT!" and say "Yeah!" when something good happened. She seemed so happy. It was 11:30 when the movie ended and we left the theater. There is a Barnes and Noble a few doors down, and we popped in there just to look, mistake number one. There were so many horse books, and the girls are obsessed with horses and unicorns right now (I will totally take that over Disney Princesses any day!) As I was getting hungry I told them it was time to leave, which did not go over well. Gwen started a MAJOR fit. She screamed "I DON'T WANT TO LEAVE!" over and over (huh, didn't I do this last night?!) I finally wrestled her out to the car, and into her car seat. I assumed that the screaming meant she was tired and would soon be fast asleep, and then Rhayn and I could have a really nice lunch at a restaurant. I could not have been more wrong.

I finally pulled into a Village Inn parking lot ten minutes later, she was still screaming "I DON'T WANT YOU A DRIVE!" "I DON'T WANT YOU A TALK A ME!" "I DON'T WANT A GO HOME!" over and over, and every few minutes "I WANNA GUP! INA TSAIR!" would be added in, you know, for accent. She stopped screaming, and I thought, we could go into the restaurant, and order food. I would give her some gup, and she would fall asleep. Then Rhayn and I could have a leisurely, pleasant lunch.

Wrong again (mistake number two). She was quiet for a few minutes after we were seated. Then the crayon did something to her, and she wanted "GUP!" to which I said no. She wouldn't let me look at the menu, and I lost all patience. We got up and left. I buckled her into the car seat, rolled down her window and Rhayn and I sat on the curb and waited for her to calm down. (I was quite close to losing my mind. I probably sounded like a BAD mama because I was yelling at Gwennie in the restaurant.)

Back in the car, and headed home. More screaming. The same words over and over. I actually put my MP3 player on. The speakers in the car are going out and when you hit a bump they sound staticky. I normally think that wearing headphones in the car is a bad idea, but I needed to have something happy in my ear, "The World is New" by Save Ferris makes me feel happy even when I feel like something is really bad (actually that whole album is just... bouncy.) I turned into a McDonalds, oh yes, my favorite food ever. (Can you see the sarcasm dripping off of that statement? I can. I really dislike McDonalds- or McCrapples and I lovingly refer to it most of the time.) It would make Rhayn happy, and at that point, I just wanted to get home and rest on the couch.

Gwen fell asleep in the car about five minutes after she drank her milk and my brain didn't explode before I was out of the car. When we got in the house? That was another story altogether.

Gwennie's Basket of Goodies.
Rhayn's Basket of Goodies.


purplelurple said...

Totally understand. So sorry Gwennie has hit this stage. Katie is also going through it and with potty training it is always nice when she wants you to go in but proceeds to scream at you Dont look at me or dont see me. I totally feel for you and hope it gets better. Maybe with Will home for a few days it will lessen some stress on you. : ) But for now you are in our thought and maybe we can send you some java monsters to perk you up ( or give you jitters) HEHE. Love ya

tif-do said...

I have to laugh at this... Not because I think it's funny... but oh so familiar. My daughter yelled for a half an hour Sunday morning because she didn't want to wear a dress, "dress is not clothes!" Oh the Joys!

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