MamaMonday: Spring

Spring is a time for new beginnings, right? The trees start anew, with fresh leaves. Plants poke their sleepy heads out of the ground, searching for warmth and light.

Legs, pasty agoraphobic legs, come out of hiding. People shed their winter layers and don fresh bright colors. Shorts! Skirts! Flip flops!

The best thing about the new beginnings feeling is that it reminds me that all of the negative things that have happened, all of the fears and doubts that I have had over the last little while, will not stay around forever. There will be new beginnings in my life as well. And I am happy about that.

Although in the desert southwest, spring doesn't really bring most of that. Shorts and skirts and flip flops remain in the forefront of our closets. Most trees keep their leaves and stay green (some are even more green) during the few months of winter that we have. Spring is more like an ending. An end of the beautiful, outdoors weather, and end to getting to wear jeans and cute hats. An end to leaving the windows open during the day. An end to not having the air conditioner on 24/7.

Yet, I welcome spring with open arms. At least the idea of it.

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