First Game

Rhayn's first soccer game was great. She still does not quite get what she is supposed to be doing out there (chasing the ball, and kicking it.) She did have a great time, even doing two short turns as goalie. Grandma, Grandpa, JVA and SLA made it out for the game. That was a surprise for her, I didn't tell her that they were coming.

When the game was over we went for fish tacos at Rubios. (Not my favorite place, but not the worst.) We headed over to REI after that to pick up some items I had ordered online. Rhayn needed new shoes and I ordered her a pair of Keens. She wanted pink, but I was able to pick up the light purple "storm" color for about 40% off. She is a little upset that they aren't the color she wanted, but she will just have to get over it. Now she can be like the other kids at her school, in the Keen Klub. Seriously, so many kids at her school have them. But they hold up really well. I bought her a cheaper pair at Payless last year. They looked alright, but the materials made her feet stink, and we had to throw them out. (And they were black, even worse than purple.)

JVA and SLA wanted to look at furniture for their new home. We went to a place that was closed and another that was having a Going-Out-Of-Business/Grand Opening sale. Weird. They had a few nice things that I wanted, namely a beautiful half circle desk that I drolled over and would love to put in Will's office.

We dropped JVA off at my house while the older ladies went to pick up some hamburgers. Which JVA cooked on our grill. I suppose I need to really figure out how to use it or we may not have grilled food until Will gets home. I have grilled drumsticks once, they came out pretty tasty. Maybe I just need to get over my fear of it blowing up in my face. That doesn't happen very often does it? Please reassure me that it won't happen. Because I think that is the only thing holding me back from being a grillmaster.

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