Happy 7th Birthday RhaynyDay #4

Rhayn has turned seven. My little firstborn is seven. I think that I am in shock about it.

She woke me up at 6:30 this morning, so wide eyed, and bushy tailed, and excited for the day. I, for a moment, was caught up in her jubilation.

At her school, on their birthday, they are crowned (see crown in below picture) queen (or king) of the day. Mr. T gives them a gift and the class sings "happy birthday." Parents are invited to join in for this ritual. We are encouraged to bring a treat for the class as well as a small gift, from Rhayn to every member of the class. She had been talking about this for months, planning and had a bag of treasures to share mostly some rocks that her grandpa had picked up in the desert. I can not remember what they are called, I am sure it is rosette quartz, but a google search brought up nothing that looked remotely like them. She wanted me to make banana bread, and I have a nice recipe for whole wheat banana bread. It was tasty, a little dry, but that was because I didn't have quite enough banana for two loaves. (There are twenty five students in the first grade class!)
After school, we came home and gave her a few gifts here. We all went outside to play. Rhayn took her Little Pet Shop tackle box outside, to show her butterflies the flowers. Then at five my parents showed up to take her out to eat. She had a nice steak dinner.

As I was reading her a story, and helping her get ready for bed, she told me that she was sad that her birthday was over.

Me, too. Me, too.

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