Tea Pots

I mentioned that I bought three tea pots for Rhayn's party this weekend. They are all so unique and pretty. Today we made some tea and tried out the brown betty (you really can't see how rich the brown color is in this picture, that is why I posted the second picture- below.) It worked perfectly and the girls loved having midmorning tea. Isn't that elephant the cutest tea pot you have seen? I need to make two different teas for the kids- chamomile (Rhayn's favorite) and something fruity, and then I can use the flower pot for water. I have only received one RSVP so far. I am hoping that I will get a few more. I really want her to have at least five friends. But I know that sometimes it is hard. One of the girls lives only about two miles south of us, I really hope she comes, because I want to talk to her parents about car pooling. I need to find a car pool, because it would make my life easier if I didn't have to drive to the school twice a day!
*I received another RSVP this evening. So that is two people. I am pretty sure that a few of the others will show up, at least I hope they do.

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