Girls in White Hats and Dog Gone Wild

Yesterday I watched Madder while my mom had a meeting. My mom wanted to take Rhayn out for dinner on her birthday. I just have to say that Madder is so much more work than Gwen. Gwen is calm, and listens. She sits down and snuggles. Madder is in everything. She turns all the lights on and off. She climbs on everything. She opens doors and then leaves them open. But the girls loved playing dress up, and after Rhayn's tea party tomorrow, I think Madder is getting some hats. How cute are they?

I was exhausted after her visit. Madder was really happy to see "my hay wee" and she would not leave the poor dog alone. I have to say that I really like Hailey. If she were house trained, she would be the cutest thing. I have a hard time with dominating her though. I have less trouble holding Big Ole' Blue down then I have holding little Hailey. Hailey fights, hard. She wiggles her entire body around. She needs a good whooping. While Blue gets it once in a while. Little dogs are harder, they look so cute, they jump up and no one seems to mind. They get away with murder practically, but if Lily did half the stuff that I think is cute when Hailey does, well let me just say Lily would be sat on. She would be disciplined. A lot.

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