Thawing In the Warm Sun

Do you ever have days that just feel so wonderful that you wish you could capture them in a bottle to bring out when you are low?
Saturday was one of those days. The weather could not have been more perfect. The sun shone brightly warming up the desert to a lovely 75 or so. In the shade it was still a tad bit chilly, but then you could stand in the sun and allow the frost and chill to melt from you, like an icy skin that you had been living in for the past month.

Will had one last day before his trip, so we chose to go to the Desert Botanical Garden. We walked and enjoyed the sun, the plants and everything. We talked and joked. We held hands and as a family enjoyed the day.

For lunch we ate at a little Italian deli (they link their own sausages!) and sat outside, calmly enjoying the perfect weather. The girls ate well.

At home in the afternoon, we all lay on the couch, snuggling. We finished the few items Will still needed done before his trip, including shaving his head. It was just a perfect day.

We won't get into the night, because it was not a perfect night. Not enough sleep, not enough loving. It turned into an awful evening filled with pain. So I choose to look back at the day, the perfect weather, the love that we all felt for each other. And most of all the memories we can enjoy. Because looking back at hurt only causes more hurt. I choose now to get over it, to look ahead at the fun and good times that we will enjoy. I know that in any relationship there will be pain, there will be fighting of some sort. We can not always agree. We must always work together and allow for healing and give love and give affection, because we are partners and we love each other.


Carter Family said...

I am glad that you guys had a great saturday! I hope things go well while he is gone. At least you have the kids to keep you busy. Not that you will NEED your time alone too. Keep looking for the positive:)

Amie said...

What a great Day at least! We have free tickets to the gardens. One of these days, we need to get there. =)

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