RhaynyDay #3

Another month long gone and only one to go before you turn seven.

In a few days your Daddy leaves for a long time. We are all feeling overwhelmed by it. I think that I have done a decent job of being there for you, but I know that Sunday will be the hardest day of all. Or maybe Monday or Tuesday when you realize he really is gone. I see Sunday as hard, because my tears are so close to the surface that I am positive that I will spend the day crying. I want to snuggle on the couch with you and Gwen while we all think safe thoughts for Daddy.

For your birthday this year you want your room repainted. I have decided that we will also move you into a slightly larger room. I will empty the room first, then paint it, and move you into it. We are painting it pink and purple with lime green accents. You want it “fairy-ish” so I will try. Currently the room is the same cardboard brown the downstairs it. I am so tired of brown!

We are planning your birthday party, and you are so excited about it. We are going to have a few girls from your class over, and have a fancy tea party. I want to have you all dress up, eat little sandwiches and drink tea (or apple cider) in cups we will buy at the thrift store. Then as a party favor every one will get to keep their cup and take it home to drink their own tea in later. It seems like such a perfect way to celebrate your seventh birthday.




lvh said...

Alexshuman and I are doing the girl's room with fairies. I have some fairy wallies (way too many for the amount I want to put in that room so if you want me to send you part of them, I will). We painted that room a purply color (very pale) and at Lowe's, we picked up this sparkly gold stuff to put in the paint so one wall is kind of glittery. We painted the furniture flat black and in the dresser, we painted one drawer pink, one purple, one yellow and one a green color. I've spent a fortune on that room and it is all because last summer when your mom and I were in Loopy's we bought little fairy things for $2.

leaner said...

I would love that lvh! I saw a pearly additive that I was thinking of adding to the paint for one wall. Rhayn loves sparkly things!

lvh said...

They'll be in the mail this week - can't wait to see her fairy room when I come to AZ in April.

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