I registered for a drawing class this semester. Yeah! However this means finding child care for Gwennie Goo two mornings a week. I called two places today, and one of them I really like. The other one is an institution, and more of a preschool type place (cameras and all sorts of things.) I am not sure how I feel about that. The first one is a place that a friend of mine takes her son who is only six weeks younger than Gwennie Goo. (Plus.) It is just across the street from Rhayn's school. (Another plus.) I am going to check it out on Monday.

Will and I have been married nearly five years. For our anniversary this year we are going away, alone, (no kids) for one night. I am worried about how Gwennie Goo will handle this. She is night weaned, but still asks for it. She hasn't have night-time gup in a month. She gets a nursing around seven and then not again until nap time the next day. She should be fine in that aspect. I have never left her over night though. I won't be close or able to help. I know my parents can handle her, they have Rhayn right now, and have been taking her over night since she was about eight months old. Why am I so worked up about this? It is ridiculous! And over a month away!

The day care thing- that is not even two weeks away and I hope to drop her off next week as a trial (at least one day.)

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