To Agree or Not To Agree...

I feel compelled by some strong force, stronger than the monsoon winds that rip through Arizona, to agree with people. Even when I totally think that they are wrong. I want to be liked and I don't want to cause conflict. I do not confront others even when I am really upset about something. But at some point I need to stand up for myself and stop pretending that I agree with everyone. Instead of nodding my head while thinking of all the reasons the other person is way off base, I should maybe just mention that I don't totally agree. That won't hurt, will it?

At Rhayn's school there are many people who assume that because I take my child there that I agree one hundred percent with every darn thing they believe. I don't. I don't think that media will destroy my children. I do think that limiting their exposure to the television is a good idea, and there are other theories that I totally agree with that make me want to keep her there. I love the feeling of community and that I feel that she is totally safe. I keep my mouth shut. I am not going to start a fight.

In my family, I know that there are strong opinions. There are people who see their way as the only possible way. I know that by pretending to always (or almost always) agree with them, it keeps the peace. I disagree with the politics of most of my family. Does that make me a bad person?

Should I be disowned for not thinking Mitt Romney is the man who should be President? I am sorry. I don't feel that just because he is LDS that he should be in office. I actually don't like ANY of the candidates at this point. I am registered as an Independent. I am liberal, left leaning, and not a republican.

I don't think that they are totally wrong, mind you. I see good in all aspects. I want to listen to why you think that person would be a good president or sheriff. But I want the same respect. I want to know that my opinion is valued as much as someone else, even if it isn't agreed with. Because I think in some way, we are all correct.


lvh said...

Politics are a very personal thing - that is why every election year, the leader of a ward will get up and read a letter from the current prophet emphatically stating that the church does not support any particular candidate and encouraging people to research the issues and vote for the person they feel is best. Sadly, I feel again that there is not a really good candidate running so will end up voting for the person I think will do the least damage - really tired of the smear campaigns that are run anymore. Would love to see one candidate get up and make some sincere statement about what they will do to make this country a better place. Hang in there.

... said...

I do not think that there is anything the matter with how you feel I call my self a independent/republican or a open minded republican. I know you and many otherr probably think that we are Mitt Romney For prez. Because he is LDS. This is somewhat true. Because he is mormon I feel that he has good Moral ethics and beleives many of that things that I do. And I do not agree with everything he says but he is the one I agree with the most. Beleive it or not but I am starting To like OBama more and more. SO we are not ALL judging you. and I keep most of how I feel to myself too. We may be hiding from you as much as you are from us because we know this and we do not want to cause tension. We all love eachother and I want you to know that I would never love you less even if you voter for Hilary CLinton ( ok maybe I would love a little less;-)) JK!

(hope this makes sense and is written correctly so that it does not sound bad it is good)

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