A Table for Eleven

Yesterday Ender and his girlfriend flew in to the valley. A good chunk of the family was able to make it to the airport to pick him up. Then we headed over to the bed warehouse to pick up my mom and dad's new mattress. After a short discussion we headed to Macayo's to eat.

Madders loves to dip, especially chips in salsa. Then again, she gladly was licking the salsa off of the plate!
Gwennie Goo was fascinated by the giant parrots that adorn the ceiling. (That is Ender beside my mom. He wouldn't look at me in typical man fashion. So I was unable to get a picture of him.) Jesse tells a mean story. (And Gwennie continues to point at the birdies!)

After dinner, we were getting ready to leave. I was holding Madders. I stepped under one of the parrots. I told her the giant bird would poop on her head. I know that Gwen would have laughed. Madders became concerned. She put her hand up and glanced at the fake bird in fear. I told dacheese what I did and she told me Madders gets worked up about things like that, she worries. Then I felt badly about telling Madders that the bird would poop on her. (It didn't stop me from standing under various other giant fake birds while Madders put her hood on and cringed. Poor baby! Bad Auntie!)


Alex's Human said...

Most disappointed that there were no pics of Ender :( But so glad that they are there to spend the holidays!!

leaner said...

He is in the picture of my mom and Gwen... just not the main subject!

JadaInnovations said...

It looks like Gwennie is pick Ender's nose! :)

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