Mama Monday #2 Notice


Thanks Amy, for another inspiring word.

I have always heard that you notice more with your first child. You notice when they first walk and every little thing they do. However, I didn't. I have written down each and nearly every little silly thing Gwennie Goo does, but have little written about Rhayn.

Why? I was a young whipper snapper when Rhayn was born. My life was a mess. Will and I were not together, I lived with my parents. I was not in a place to be a mama. Yet, I was. I needed to pull myself out of teenager thinking (I hadn't be a teenager for a few years.) I needed to get myself together.

With Gwennie,we tried to make her. We talked and planned and it was the "right time." I noticed little things about my pregnant body from the get go. I read and asked questions. I made friends in the birth community. When she was born, I knew how fast it would go by. So I noticed the little things, I wrote them down. I knew that I would not always remember when her first tooth came in. I can look back at my blog and find it fairly easily. I love that I have so much written about Gwennie, however I feel like I neglect to notice Rhayn sometimes.

But I am determined to stop that. While I am at it, I am going to take notice of the other little things, like when Will cleans or makes dinner.

I am going to stop and smell the roses, just because.

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Amy Linder said...

Excellent! Beautifully written - have fun remembering the past and noticing the future!

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