My week in a Big Nutshell

What a busy week. Monday I had a friend over and we worked on her two dolls. She is coming over again this coming Monday hopefully to complete them.

Tuesday I went and did a bit of shopping and in the afternoon we had a parent social and potluck at Rhayn's school for the first graders.

Wednesday was handwork.

Thursday I planned to drive to my mom's house to help her paint her bedroom. I had asked one of Rhayn's friend's mom's if Rhayn could go to her house for a few hours after school. She replied that it would be great and M would love to have Rhayn over. So I packed up and headed to paint. Will told me that morning that his supervisor was planning on letting him out of work early so he wanted to get Rhayn and they would go shopping for my Christmas present. (But the supervisor is flakey and has said stuff like that before and not let him out of there before five.)
My mom and I painted, and finished up. We rearranged the bedroom in our minds and discussed how the bed should be in a different place than it had been for the past fifteen years.
At four Will called to ask me if I was going to be home for dinner, because he and Rhayn were out shopping and wanted to go and get Chinese food. I told them have fun and decided to stay at my parents house longer to help more.

On Friday, Will had the day off. I was planning on doing my final Christmas shopping. However my mom called. Their waterbed was not going to be fixable, so she was headed to the valley to go bed shopping. I invited myself along. But first had Will call his friend, C (who works at a bed store) to see what he said about bed. He, of course, said to come to his store. Now I won't tell you exactly where he works, let just say that the far North North East valley is a very pretty (and pricey) place! Mom and I went into about four different store, and looked at a variety of bed. Most of the nice ones ranged over fifteen hundred. We found the perfect bed, and C's store, and he gave my mom a screaming deal. Only it won't be in until Tuesday. It was such a nice bed, that my mom was willing to sleep on her futon mattress for a few more nights, just to sleep on that bed for the next twenty years! Beds are worth (in my mind) spending more money on because of the amount of time you spend in it.

Anyway by now it is three and I had Will pick Rhayn up from school. Mom and I meet my Dad at Lowe's to look at doors. Their back door is letting in the cold and in the summer lets in the heat. But my mom wants a nice low-E glass door. With NO crosses. She has looked everywhere. They find the perfect door at Lowe's.

At around four, I am finally back at my car. I call Will to ask if he wants In and Out. (Of course.) Which I pick up on the way home. I think it was almost 5:30 when I walked in the door. Rhayn reminds me that they have something at her school that night. (We needed to be there at 5:45.) So we eat quickly and out the door we go.

At 6:45 we are home, and get ready for bed. We read our chapters in The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus. And I finally was able to relax. What a week! I am exhausted. But hopefully will get to do a tiny bit of that sans children Christmas shopping I had planned for yesterday. Because I didn't get ANY done. I had a great time with my Mom these past two days. It seems like I never get to spend time with her. There are always so many people around. So it was a special treat.

As for right now, Will has made some french toast and I am headed down there to eat it. Yum!

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tif-do said...

Sounds like you had a great week... I'm glad!

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