Rhayny Day #1

I love Rhayn. She is such an affectionate girl.

If there is any occasion for gifts (and even for no reason) she will rush up to her room and search and sketch and come down moments later with a gift bag of her treasures that she wants to share. This happened on my birthday. She hadn't given me a present, and after seeing the flowers that Will gave me, she disappeared for a time to return with a gift bag of pictures, her jewels, rocks, and a note that said "Rhayn" across the top with some hearts and "momm" on the middle (no not a mistype- it said momm, with no Y.)

I love these silly gifts, but sometimes I neglect to let her know. I forget to show her how I feel and maybe I alienate her while doing that. I will think back on the sweet things she does and smile. That day she went outside and cleaned up ALL the dog poop, that was great. The way she puts her own clothes away sometimes without me asking. How she loves to tidy up, arranging items on a table top to make the room pretty. All of these things make her Her, and make me love her that much more.

I realized that I write about Gwen once a month (alright- really like every other day) and I post about how fun she is and how I just sit and watch her. What about Rhayn? It isn't that I don't love her just as much, it is that I missed out on the bond I have with Gwen. Maybe it is because she didn't breastfeed, maybe it is because she is old enough that she doesn't "need" me, maybe it is because she nolonger co-sleeps with me. All I know is that I HATE it.

I hate how I feel towards her sometimes, like I neglect her and her specialness. So I am starting my "Rhayny Day" posts. It just so happens that she was born on the sixth of the month. So it seemed a fitting day to start these. Hopefully I will write these monthly. I need to. I need to celebrate Rhayn. Before she is a teenager and then? Well, maybe these will be a nice reminder of how great a kid she really was.

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