Whirling around and around

I feel like I haven't sat down for weeks. We have had non-stop things going on. Today was the first day I was able to actually even sort of clean house. Well, at least clean up two weeks worth of poop in the back yard and wash some windows. Last night we trick-or-treated with one of the girls in Rhayn's class. Rhayn had wings, she was an "ice fairy." Gwen was obviously a poodle. The house we went to had a dinner and then a herd (no joke, there was a herd) of children ranging in age from newborn to eleven I think. There were three Thomas the Trains, and two super cute puppies. The dogs stuck together and instead of saying "trick-or-treat" the other dog-girl's mama had them saying "Woof-Woof!" when the person answered the door. So cute. Rhayn stuck with her friend's mom. I actually didn't see her in trick-or-treating action at all. She did get quite a load of candy, though. There was even a full sized 3 Musketeer bar in the bag. I had the pleasure of being one of the few adults who dressed up. Now, if you know me, you know I am not the type who dresses up. So it felt weird a little to not be in "normal" clothes. But I did get quite a few compliments on my Giraffe costume.

I updated it from the party the other night and added the giraffe "horns" by using pipe cleaners to make some of my hair stand up. I think I look pretty darn cool, but you know I didn't get a decent picture of me, and not one in full costume. Now just don't look too closely, the picture of me is blurry and awful, but you can get an idea of the COOLNESS that was my costume. I am not sure if I posted a picture of the pants, let me just tell you, that there are times when a costume falls into your lap, this was one of them. Hairball and I were at Deseret Industries and we found these pants, a size 2 (I am NOT a 2) and they were giraffe print. I thought, hmmm, I should be an old lady from Florida and make my skin orangey and old looking. (Like the neighbor on There's Something About Mary.) Hairball thought I should go for giraffe. I bought the pants, but lost them last year. It was only in moving and redoing our toy room that helped me find them. Then at Target I found a baby poop yellow shirt, and it didn't match perfectly, but it did work. I bought brown felt and attached spots of it to the poop-yellow shirt. TaDa! A giraffe! At school for Halloween the first through eighth grades had a costume parade. The kids loved it, and it was so fun for them all to show off their creativity. Even Gwen joined in the festivities. Before the parade the classes carved pumpkins. I thought that would be a huge pain, but it turned out to be quite fun. Rhayn's pumpkin is in the middle. I carved the howling wolf, Will carved the cat.We have had a ton of fun this past little while, but I am so glad we have a little bit of time before the whirling fun of Thanksgiving and Christmas are upon us.

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