Why? And a Top 5.

Why didn't I know that it was Nablopomo time again? Oh, yeah... because I have been running around like a headless chicken this week. Since I have only missed one day, I am going to attempt to get it together enough this month to post every day starting now.

What websites do you visit regularly? What websites do you think are great? These are my top five(or eleven depending on how you count them) in no particular order.

1. Being a woman I love this website, MyMontlyCycles.com because it is an easy way to keep track of my period. I like having an idea of about when it will appear. It is also helpful to be able to keep track of my symptoms, and when I get PMS, seeing that I had it last month or the month before helps me deal with it. When we were trying to get pregnant I used the fertility tracker, not the temperature tracking, but I knew within two days of when she was conceived.

2. NaturalChildbirth.org forum is one I used to visit every day, but it has been pretty slow lately.

3. Mama Says Om gives me ideas to guide my blog. I am volunteering for this website, so I have to also visit (4.) Flickr every day. I could spend hours looking at photos that people have posted of their kids, their pregnant bellies, their pets, and their craft items. I adore the creativity of some people, and wish I had a little more of it!

5. I also visit about seven blogs every day, which I am listing as one website, as I think they are all on blogger. These are my family, my friends, and some people I have never met, but adore the way they write about their lives. These inspire me, and I totally miss them when I have no time (like the past week) to read and catch up on them. If I only have a few moments to look, I visit my mom, my sister, my cousins- Hairball, Tif-do and Alex's Human, and birth junkies- Midlife Midwife, and Doulala. All of these women make me happy. Mind you there are others, many many others, these are just the ones I check religiously, and love to read.

So if anyone else is up to it, post your top five (or more) favorite websites. I hope that I am listed in there! :)

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Mid-life Midwife said...

I'm glad you like my blog. I like yours too and check it frequently. :)
And now that I see you are a grammar wiz, I'm encouraging you to write something for The Birth Project!
Please! Our 1 year anniversary issue will be coming out in January!
Go to www.birthproject.com and see our Submissions Wish List to become inspired!

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