One of THOSE people.

When did I become a person who dresses her dog up?
Well, it all started when I saw her shivering the other morning. She has practically no fur and therefore gets cold quite easily. We discussed getting her a doggy jacket for the winter. I decided to try out a t-shirt and see how she tolerated it. She seemed fine with her Jack-o-Lantern shirt. Then today I was at Target doing some last minute Halloween costume shopping (as in Will said this morning "I need a costume for work) and I found this lovely pink tank top.
Yeah, my dog is fancy. Her ears are only down in that picture because I wasn't letting her outside.


tif-do said...

Funny~ I can't imagine what your poor pooch would do if she lived where it actually gets cold. She does look quite attractive

RadioWar said...

We should meet up asap. We're moving to Picacho cause Jared got a youth pastor position. <3

Alex's Human said...

You say THOSE people as if it's a bad thing :)

I actually spared Alex from Halloween this year. Well, aside from few times she put on her devil cape and pranced around..

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