where have i been?

Well it is Sunday. Thanksgiving is over and only 2 days until its December! WOW! Time has flown so quickly that I am a little stressed about not having enough shopping time (that was a joke!)

Saturday we went out for Greek food and it was a bad experience. We had tried it before and it was ok, but this place had no flavor or anything! Yucky! Then we came home and drank. I had too much (1 gin and tonic and a tiny bit more after that.) and got really sick with the spins. I think I slept part of the night on the bathroom floor. Man I felt sick.

Then Sunday morning Will got up and went to play hockey. I stayed home and tried to make my stomach stop hurting. After he got home we went to pick Rhayn up at my parents house. We were also helping my grandma install an under the sink water filter. Those are so much nicer than buying bottled water OR one of the faucet mount ones.

Monday I got up at 6:30 to watch Anthony, but he didn't come over. His mom came by (she had lost my number) and said he was sick and she was taking him to the doctor. So I didn't have to watch him on my birthday. Later Rhayn and I went shopping. Then we met Will for my free movie (Harkins gives you a free movie ON your birthday- use it!!!) we saw the Incredibles. It was entertaining. Rhayn seemed to like it now she thinks she is Dash and says "look I am like a super hero!" and she runs as fast as she can through the house. Its cute!
After the movie, we went to Sears to pick up my birthday present. Its a vacuum cleaner that I was obsessing with. it was $230 on sale from $300. So it was a good price. I really like it. (considering the vacuum cleaner we had has NO suction hardly....it was Will's from bachelorhood. I am glad that he HAD a vacuum cleaner... but its well- not that great.)
Finally we went to Olive Garden for dinner. I wasn't really hungry, but it made great dinner the next night!

We had Thanksgiving here, which was fun. My mom and dad came and brought my grandma. My sister Briana and brother Jesse came also (and Jesse's girlfriend Stacey came up later.) My dad fried a turkey (is there any other way to do it?) So my mom and I split the sides up. I made green bean casserole, mashed potatoes and gravy, and stuffin' muffins. I also made an apple pie. I don't know why I love to bake pies so much! I just like baking I think!

I was really depressed Thanksgiving Day after everyone left. I felt like I usually do Christmas afternoon when all of the gifts are opened and you know its almost time to put the tree away. I need to concentrate on how much fun we can make this season for Rhayn, and totally ignore how depressed I am getting. I really think my problem is that I am thinking of myself too much. This year its all about Rhayn and Will. I want it to be so special for them both.

On baby front, well I started my period on Tuesday and its been AWFUL! I mean it was the most painful one I have had in a very long time! I spent quite a lot of time on the couch with a heating pad! (which is totally abnormal for me! I usually don't have cramps!) The second day it was my back that hurt. Oh well, its all over now, I am pretty sure. I am still spotting but the cramps are gone. So in a day or so we can get back on the babymaking train. It would be so cool if we get pregnant this month. We would find out right around Christmas (that might make the depression worse, from hormones or better because I'll have something to look forward to in 9 months... hmmmm. I am sure it won't happen. I actually want an October baby!) At least I didn't get pregnant before the holidays. I was afraid I would get morning sickness and not be able to eat anything! That is never fun!

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