morning time

I was woken up at 6, because my husband had fallen asleep in front of the tv and he crawled into bed at that time. So I struggled to fall back asleep. Only to be stirred again at 7:30 by Rhayn who wanted her cup. Then she wanted me to wake up. So now I am on the computer sipping coffee that is flavored by gingerbread creamer (it sounded interesting when I saw it at the grocery store.) Its pretty good, not sure if I would buy it again, but its a nice change.
Today we are going to go see the Spongebob Squarepants movie, I guess. I don't want to, I even got my brother and his girlfriend to take Rhayn but Will wants to go. So we will.
Tonight I plan on us going out to eat somewhere fairly nice, but I don't know where! I want to go somewhere new and not so kid friendly. This is my birthday dinner. I am sure we'll end up like at the Outback (mmm sounds tasty!) I also want to go see a movie, a NON kid friendly movie!! Maybe I'll just go to a movie on Monday evening by myself. (It'll be free and if I take me cup I can get a drink for $1 Gotta love Harkins! :D )
I guess I should go snuggle on the couch with Rhayn. I am feeling SO much better today. I just hope that awful headache I had yesterday doesn't come back!

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