Some mornings are harder than others and just dragging myself out of bed this morning was almost pure torture! Why? I went to bed earlier so i got a nice 8 hours of sleep (my ideal number!) So what made this morning so difficult? Maybe it was the strange dream I had last night?
I dreamed that I was pregnant and in labor. I think I was only 30 weeks along or some low number. I was trying to call my midwife, whom I had never even had a visit with. But before I could get through to her I was at the hospital and it was a good thing because the cord came out first and the baby popped out before I could tell the receptionist that I was in labor!
I was able to put the baby to my breast and she ate immediately latching on like a pro! It was an awesome feeling in my dream. Then they tried to take her away because she was preemie. We named her Gwendolyn (my first choice for another daughter's name) I just remember going to her every few hours to nurse her and it was a great feeling that for a few minutes after I awoke I actually felt like i needed to nurse a baby! But it passed and I remembered that I am not even pregnant.

Last night was a struggle to get Rhayn to sleep! I don't know why she won't fall asleep with the tv on! Plus yesterday I gave her some cold medicine that must have knocked her out. Hopefully though it makes her feel better today! Poor little thing has a raw spot under her right nostril from me wiping her nose! I hope that clears up soon so that we can take her Christmas pictures soon. I need to get those in the mail.

I registered for college courses yesterday. I will be taking BIO 160- Intro to Human Anatomy and PSY 101. Fun for me! I am pretty excited to take some classes. It will be Monday - Thursday. With Friday being an option for Rhayn to go to preschool on Friday also so I can do stuff like doctor's appointments or hair cuts or even study. That will be nice for us. It will give me a day that I can get stuff done that I need to do! I really wish that I could drop her off today and get some Christmas shopping done! Oh well!

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