december already!

I can not believe it is already December! its already going to be Christmas and the whole season will be over before I really have time to enjoy it. I hope to enjoy it more than last year. Since I will not be at work. (Still I'll be watching kiddos all day.)
I don't know why last year i just never really got into the spirit...
Saturday we are going to the poinsettia festival. I want to make that a tradition like seeing the lights at the temple and maybe the zoo- depending on time.
Ihere are so many things to do yet. I have a few things bought for Will, and Rhayn and my grandma as well as my sister. I have ideas for my mom and brother.... I just wish that I had TIME to shop! I am going to get to go tomorrow afternoon (without Rhayn) so I can get her taken care of.
ugh I should get off of here.... I can hear chaos in the other room.

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