I met my mother-in-law this weekend for the first time. It was weird. I have been told a million things about her, but well- they are all true. She is crazy and its awful. She lives in her own world its not a world anyone else gets to live in. I know she was happy to meet her granddaughter. She wasn't mean or anything, just I don't know how to explain it...... maybe if I didn't have the flu I would be able to explain it better.

Only a few days left until my darling husband comes home. He doesn't speak to his mother (which is why I hadn't met her.) So the only chance we had of meeting her was while he as gone. Now I am glad its done and over, and I am glad that we were able to meet her, but I don't really care if we see her again. I feel badly saying that, but its true.

I can not wait for Will to get home. I am so glad that he is done this week. Its so hard to be alone. Poor Rhayn wants to see her daddy so very badly. Its hard on her because she doesn't really understand why she can't see or talk to him. She wants to go pick him up, and how do you explain to a 3 yr old that we can't?

I guess I should go lay down and rest. This flu is kicking my butt, I swear I feel awful. I haven't been this sick in a while! I feel green, and am having trouble eating. :(

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