only one more day`

Will comes home tomorrow!
We thought he was coming home today, but he called Monday night and said their flight wasn't until Friday. Its kind of better since I had a nice flu like thing going on. I feel 80% better now. Hopefully I will wake up 100% better tomorrow. I am so glad that its almost time to go get him! I think in 24 hours I will be nervous.... oh wait I AM nervous!

Other than his homecoming- nothing exciting is going on here. Its cooled off so we've had the house opened up nearly all day/night. It feels good to not have the air on at all! (Good on the bank account also!) I am glad we have ceiling fans- they keep the air moving and that helps it feel great in here!

Rhayn is still obsessed w/ Lazy Town. Its not too bad. I didn't like it at first but its grown on me. I want to find a soundtrack for it (and maybe other nick shows) but so far haven't found much online. So I am figuring that I'll have to wait for it.

I suppose I should get stuff done today. I cleaned our upstairs yesterday- bathrooms and all. Now I just have to clean up downstairs and the house is clean! That should only take an hour to do all of the way. SO I'll get to that now.

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