wet rat

Well, its raining again. I love fall rain, well to tell the truth I love all rain!
I have an awful headache again this morning. I don't know what is up with this! I hope when Will gets home I get less headaches, because i don't remember having them every other day before he left.
I have to get ready to go today and clean litter boxes, my cats don't appreciate it when I don't clean them before I leave for 4-5 days! (and then they smell.) I hope that when I get pg again Will is going to at least clean them once in a while. You aren't supposed to clean them while pg! (when i was pg w/ Rhayn I wore a mask and rubber gloves, to "protect myself" I don't want to do that again!)
Well I guess I will get to work. I really didn't have much email this morning, so I guess I'll get off of the computer.

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