sunday~ bloody~ sunday

I went to church w/ my family today. Well my mom stayed home sick. My cousin was there w/ her new son and so she was getting ahhed over and over. I know she hates that. Rhayn had a new dress on that is so pretty. I just love it, I wish I had a picture of her to post on here.

After we got home it was 1 or so and my cell phone rang. Will called and he said he actually got 20 minutes to talk. It was a rocky start to the conversation, as he was not clear. So we had a misunderstanding and he thought I didn't want to talk to him. It was depressing. So I had to reassure him that i would drop everything to talk to him at any time. (ok not my exact words, but i should have said that.) It was so nice to not feel totally rushed talking to him. He even got to talk to Rhayn for a few minutes. She told him she isn't at home, she is at grayma's home. And she got a new dress its red and another one that is pink. Then she told him to come home tomorrow or in 3 hours. I know it broke his heart to not be able to say "ok, honey I'll be there in 2 hours" but its only a few short days (10-11)

I love to hear WIll say "I love you" its the best sound I can think of. I miss him so much.

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