dentist and babble

Ah, its Wednesday already. I am going up to my in-laws house this weekend, so we can take the girls out Trick-or-Treating. It will be nice to be in the mountains for the weekend.
I am really tired and don't have too much to say.

Yesterday I had a dentist appointment. I was getting 2 fillings. The first one was fine but the second one hurt. So the dentist tried numbing it again. It didn't work. Apparently it is a little inflamed and needed to have some other type of filling. Its temporary, and I will have to go back in 4-5 weeks to get the real one put in. It tastes like cloves (mmmm.) I hope nothing goes wrong and in 5 weeks When I go back in its no big deal. I think I really like my dentist. She makes me feel comfortable and I totally explained stuff in a way I could understand. I am glad to have finally found a good one.

Today I am watching a little boy. I am also trying to clean the house. Its pretty messy. I don't know why I have been slacking so much. I know next week I will be a cleaning fiend. So that when Will gets home I won't have to clean much for a few days, plus its always nice to come home to clean!

I can't believe he will be home in a week! YIPPEEE!!!! I am so excited! 7-8 days to go! Its so great that this time is almost over! I have made it 2 months and only talked to him 25 minutes the WHOLE time. I really think its been a LOT harder for him, but it was hard for us, too. Rhayn is really ready for him to be home! She misses her daddy!

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