Last week we went on a mini-road trip. The girls and I met my parents and many of the cousins at my sister's house on the east side of town. Then we figured out who would ride in which car.

In the end, Grandpa had 3 girls, Madder, Katie and Gwennie in the truck, my mom had Gav, B and Rhayn in her car and Brie and I had our babies (Natty, Nannah and Mellie-belly). Then we parted ways because Brie and I were not taking the same path as they were.

We drove the 3 hour drive fairly uneventfully, arriving in the ShowLow area in the afternoon. The place was amazing, buried in snow drifts and icicles melting in the sun. The kids were all outside having "snowcones" (koolaid poured over clean snow). But soon everyone made their way into my cousin's house.

We hung out and had a great evening. For dinner there were tamales, salsa, beans and cheese quesadillas.

Around 11 I started feeling really sick, and ended up throwing up. A few hours later Gwennie started throwing up, and didn't really stop for almost 20 hours. She barely held down water, running and throwing up every time she took a sip.

In the morning everyone (aside from Gwennie, Natty and myself) bundled up and went out sledding. I bundled Natalie up and took her into the snow to take a few pictures.

The day dragged since I was just watching my poor sick girl and dreading the 3 hour drive home. Brie and I took Gwennie with us, and we also took a few blue party cups to hold puke if she needed it. And she did, oh she did. She filled up the cup half way before we even left the town. We had to stop a second time within an hour to throw the vomit out of the car. Brie's one year old, Nannah cried nearly the entire 3 hour drive home. Poor Gwennie was in the back seat heaving while we made the curvy drive home. She felt better when we made a rest stop in Payson, and even ate a little bit of a lunchable (she wanted it) but was back to puking soon after.

We made it to Brie's house, and I still had a 45 minute drive home after that. I nursed Natty and we hung out for a little while to stretch. Rhayn had gone home with my mom and dad, and my mom was bringing her home the next day (when she was coming over to help me get started on the daunting task of packing!) Gwennie didn't throw up again after we made it back to town. Thank goodness. And she was fine by the next day. But I had to cancel her sleep-over the next night because I wasn't sure if she was 100% by then.

It was a beautiful drive up, and on the way home I saw a bald eagle in a tree near the road and a lovely doe near the road. But I really missed my ME time, which is what I usually get while the girls go to the snow with my parents.

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