9 Month Newsletter

Dear Sweet Natty,

On Thursday you turned nine months old. No, you aren't quite walking yet, thank goodness. I think it is still a few weeks away. Though you can stand, unsupported for a few moments before you plop down on your diapered bottom.
A little over a week ago, your 3rd tooth popped through, the right top tooth. The other top tooth is pushing through, but not yet out. Thankfully these haven't been as traumatic as the bottom ones were. If I hadn't looked in your mouth, I may not have even known that it was coming!

We went to visit some of my relatives this week and they live in an area of Arizona that receives snow. You liked eating the snow. It was pretty cute to see you all bundled up and sitting in a snow drift. On the 29th Grandma came over to help us get started packing. We went out to eat and you were pretty good. You like to eat, but I need to give you more than just starches. You love cheerios and baby puffs, and will gladly eat them for about 10 minutes if we keep putting them in front of you. This causes problems later, and as I learned last night, it gives you fairly solid poops, which you didn't like.
You like people, and everywhere we go we get comments about how cute you are. I know you are cute, but being your mom, I am biased. I think it is those brown eyes and chubby cheeks, and maybe your hair. It adds up to one cute combination. You look almost nothing like Gwennie did at this age. See? Comparison of you two. I am really enjoying you at this age. Though I feel like I don't have enough time to enjoy you. And I really can not believe how big you are already!

I love you,

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