Wednesday night I didn't get much sleep. My mind was on overdrive because we are moving, and I needed to design my kitchen. I lay there all night dozing for a moment and popping awake to look at the clock and calculate how long I would get to sleep if I fell asleep right then.

Looking into the kitchen from the dining room.

In the morning I sat at my laptop on Ikea's website designing a kitchen, moving things around attempting to figure out the best use of the space. I finally had a decent idea, but didn't love it. Ok I know I probably won't love that kitchen. Not after the kitchen that we did our cook-a-thons in. Now THAT was a perfect kitchen.

I went to Lowe's and looked at the cabinet fronts. I did like a few and started to feel less stress about making it work from Ikea.

The island. Who puts an island like that in a little kitchen? It is a fire hazard!

Will and I spoke on the phone, going through a check list of things about the house that we needed to talk about. He has been working really hard to get the house livable for us. Carpet had to be removed, and the rooms needed to be measured for carpet to be laid. There were other thing that had to be fixed, too.

We made a few decisions that, hopefully, we will not live to regret. Now, I know the kitchen in these pictures doesn't look as bad as it is. The island is ridiculous. It is far too large for the space. The partition and half wall mean that in designing this space we need to get creative. We agreed that we'll move in and THEN deal with the kitchen. We won't move our things into these cabinets, living out of boxes for a few weeks.

But our move is still a few weeks away. I should continue packing and I have a list of things to get done. Will has drill this weekend. Monday the girls go back to school.

And through all of this, life continues on. We have to make food, and clean our house here. We have animals to care for, and diapers to change. But soon, we will be all together, and I can't wait.


Amie said...

How fun that you get to design it! Putting in new cabinets, etc? Are you taking the island out? Replacing it? I suggest getting rid of that partition if at all possible...it'll open things up a lot.

Elise said...

it looks like the island also serves as the eating table. is there storage underneath? is there any room to put little bar stools around the lower side?

tif-do said...

I am so excited for you, I love remodeling, painting ect. and can't wait for the day that I have my own house to do that to again. I'm sure you will figure out a great way to make that kitchen yours!

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