We have only a few days left before school starts. Although I am totally looking forward to them going, I am also feeling sad and nostalgic. .

Rhayn is going into 5th grade. I clearly remember my own 5th grade year. I started noticing boys in that grade. In fact I recall this one boy- Ray- who was always so nice to me. But I also recall having a sleepover at my best friend's house and for fun we recorded ourselves farting into her cassette player. Over and over again. Classy, eh?

I can't believe she's come so far from this little girl who started Kindergarten 5 years ago (and just because- here is Gwennie 5 years ago!)

Gwennie will be in kindergarten. At this school they go to, its a half day and all play. She is going to have so much fun while she transitions away from being home with me. She has her supplies ready, rubber boots for gardening, slippers to wear in the classroom, a sun hat for outside play, and her first day outfit. She wants to be girly for school. I can not wait to take her first day of school picture!

And I will get to have some time alone with Natalie and coffee dates once a week with my friends.

I need to just take deep breaths and try to live in the moment... because its all going by so fast.

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Briep said...

I had my first "boyfriend" in 5th grade. I didnt really even talk to him. never gave hime a hug or held his hand but he was my "boyfriend"

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