As I sit here, Rhayn is most certainly playing hard and enjoying the other kids at her school. I am struggling with trying to get through the day.

Yesterday was more of a "Meet and Greet" type day. She didn't have to be there until 10, and they encouraged parents to stay. So I did, and about 11 Will also joined us to watch Rhayn and meet the teacher, taking some time off from his job at the Army.

I, being the bad parent, had neglected to pack her a lunch (yes, they even mentioned that it was important in the welcome letter we received!) They had a snack at around 11, which was a delicious blueberry cake (looked like a cobbler to me) and Rhayn loves blueberries so that was a major treat to her!

After some time, the teacher had them all put on their "outside shoes" and they played in the yard. Its more of a nicely landscaped yard, then a playground. Everything about this school has a homey feel to it.

We stood outside and watched her run run run. She dug holes and had a brilliant time! The school asks that you supply a wide brimmed hat for the outside play, and because they take a walk in the morning before they play inside. Yes, her school is all about play and order. The day is a fairly rigorous schedule of playtimes, indoor and out. They also have a story time and snack time, and do some artwork. I know she will absolutely love it, I know, because I love it.

At noon, the teacher had everyone get their lunches and eat. Luckily, they do have some pita bread, crackers and peanut butter and Rhayn wasn't the only one without a lunch (because of her bad mommy!) She was able to eat with the other kids, and loved sitting at the picnic table outside to do it. Then we left and went out to eat curry (well Rhayn only had a mango lasi.)

This morning we all woke around 6, because Will has to be at work on government time, which is 7 to 3, instead of normal 9-5. We are waking up early as a family. I meant for Rhayn to get up at 7, because she needs sleep with all the playing she will be doing, but she had other ideas. She woke at 6:15. Gwennie slept until about 6:40. It was an early morning, and I am totally glad that Rhayn's school doesn't start until 8:30. Most of the public schools around here start at 7:45. Its way to early for me, and for most kids! Rhayn is an early morning girl, so she would be good I think.

Today is hard. I am tired from my early morning, and thinking of how much fun Rhayn is having at school, without me. This morning when I dropped her off, they encourage parents to stay for a little while (for an opening circle and song they do) I stayed. As soon as she saw the playground, she was off. Zoom Zoom Zoom, to play, I had to say "Rhayn! I want a hug." She was so ready to go and totally forgot all about her mama, who was standing there wanting to cry.


Mid-life Midwife said...

you know, i think that's the hardest part: that you're so worried about them being away from you and BAM!they drop you like bad ham! left to cry over your steering wheel as you drive away. it's like dating in your early 20s. turkeys!
at any rate, i'm glad she's totally digging it. we start school at 8:30 too~ but not til sept 6.

TLC said...

It sounds like she is in good hands and I think that is what makes it much easier to let them go. I can't imagine what school will be like for our 2 younger ones if we aren't here where it's like having extended family to fawn over them. Every teacher that each older boy has had have become people that are part of our lives. When we thought we were moving away, Slade's 3/4 grade teacher was already making plans to come out and visit us. I'm suppose to get together with the secertary soon and have lunch - need to call her soon or else both of us will be tied up!

I hope it's a lovely experience and that Rhayn thrives and becomes that little person you imagine her to be. Sit back and enjoy every moment from this point on.

abeNanna said...

I miss taking you all to school and meeting the teacher. I loved the smell of new notebooks and backpacks and all that goes into getting ready for the school year.

Watching students graduate every year is different, but similar. They are stepping off into the unknown, and I always end up with a few who are my kids. I love it when I run into them somewhere and they come over to give me a hug and tell me what good things are happening in their life.

leaner said...

mlmw- it is, i think that is why they had that "meet and greet day" and it did help, because I totally got to know her teacher and it made leaving her with him even easier, also Gwennie went to him, and she is a picky little girl. She doesn't just "go" to anyone.

tlc, yes it is totally a community- this school. I can see us makign friends and having people who will be part of our lives. I am so glad to have found this school!

Mom- that smell really gets me, sometimes I will be in Target and walk down the pens and paper aisle and you can totally smell "back to school" but alas Rhayn's school didn't need all of that stuff. Maybe when she is in an older grade.

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