First Day of school skirt

On Tuesday we went shopping. Rhayn wanted a skirt for the first day of school. She saw lots of them that she liked. But they were all too short. She's 10, she's not 17. She wanted a Catholic school girl, plaid skirt. She tried on a few others that weren't plaid, but we never found any that she loved and I was ok with.
After quite a few stores I told her that we could sew one for her easily. I had quite a bit of fabric for her to choose from but she didn't love any of it.
Then I thought of a dress I had in the "giveaway bin". I brought that down and asked her if she liked it and if so I showed her how we could modify it, from a dress to a top and skirt. She really liked that idea.
We figured out the length of the skirt and cut it. Then I took a gray t-shirt that I didn't wear any more and sewed a yoga-style waistband. The waistband didn't hold up the skirt and I had to add elastic.
But she is quite pleased with the outcome and it goes nicely with one of the tops she picked out.

You will have to wait for the first day of school for a picture of the outfit.

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tif-do said...

That is very cute... I am envying your sewing abilities!
I commented back to you on my blog but it case you didn't see it, please do join us for photo Friday, I will post the new word on Thursday night or Friday morning.

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