Veteran's Day

I did not take very many pictures on Veteran's Day. We once again attended the parade that the VA puts on. Only this time we were able to bring our Veteran, and he was on a committee that sponsors the parade. This allowed us breakfast and great seating at the parade. It was awesome to not be sitting on the ground this year.

After the parade Will had an interview with a local television station. We came along. The girls were a little bored during the interview, but the reporter then gave us a tour of the studio. The girls got to sit in the anchors' seat, and she showed us how the green screen works. The girls got to point to the days and temperatures, and pretend to be meteorologists. She showed us some other sets, too. It was really neat. We met one of the anchors and watched the beginning of a live show.When were were finally at home, we all felt exhausted. The parade was long and we were in the sun for the duration. We didn't have time to get lunch before the interview and it totally wore us all out, so we took the rest of the day off and rested.
Will set up our DVR to record the evening news, and we were able to watch him on TV. Gwennie, who hadn't really cared about the whole experience when we were there, was so excited about seeing her dad on the television. She squealed and jumped up, exclaiming "Its you Daddy!"
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