I want to write, but am not sure what I want to write about. Sometimes when this happens I will look at pictures and find one that reminds me of a story I wanted to write about, or one that brings back some memory. I don't want to look at pictures, because on Halloween I took a lot of pictures of Penny. I am not quite ready to see her sweet face again. I mean I see it often when I close my eyes and I have to try to avoid thinking of her because it still hurts so much. I still feel like there was so much I could have done to avoid the bad situation of her final day with us. But its in the past and I need to move on.

Rhayn has been asking me to cut her hair, or to take her to get a hair cut for weeks. She wanted a pixie cut. I think she would be adorable with one, and we may go there soon. Instead I attempted a graduated bob. This is a hair style that she has sported often and is really cute on her. She wants her hair shorter and was disappointed in the cut. I don't blame her. I know what she wants, but I am fearful of cutting her hair that short myself. I used to shave my head often, then let it grow out into a pixie, but I have never cut a pixie (never did a graduated bob either, but it came out decently. I wanted to start with the longer cut so if it was totally messed up we could keep cutting and she would get to her pixie.)

Gwennie also needed a bang trim, but that is simple. I could use a trim/cut/style but I'm not about to do my own. I want to head over to a local beauty college this week and have them do it. I just need it cleaned up a bit which is simple and hopefully they won't give me mushroom head. (My hair doesn't usually do that, since it has a lot of wave in it.)

Yesterday morning I complained about Lily's whiny butt waking me up. She wanted to go outside and normally Will lets her out, but he didn't wake up so she came to me, ten minutes before my alarm was set to go off. Then this morning at 5 am, the smoke detector in my bedroom went off. Argh! It was so frustrating. I closed the window and vacuumed the smoke detector until it turned off. I went back to sleep, then it went off again, same routine (well the window was closed) and again right before 7. At 7 I took the smoke detector down and vacuumed it all.

About an hour ago the downstairs alarm went off. Sigh. I checked the battery but it is fine.

I hate the sound of smoke detectors. My good friend, P's neighbor's house has had a smoke detector going off for weeks. No one lives there, and so there is nothing that can be done to make them stop. Its loud enough you can hear it when you stand outside of her house. Not fun.

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Amie said...

That's happened in our home/neighborhood before too and it is so very annoying! PS I think Rhayn would look totally adorable in a pixie cut! Not everyone can pull that look off, but I fully believe she could. Think how easy it would be to take care of too!

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