I was skimming craft blogs this morning and came across this tutorial on Make It and Love It. I thought to myself, I have a sweater that I have been hanging onto waiting for just the right project.The pattern is only on one side. Its a little washed out looking in this picture but its a nice gray/red/black palate in 100% Extra-fine Merino wool. It had a few small holes and had been felted in the wash (purchased at a thrift store).

I have a purse from The Sak, similar to this one that I bought, on clearance at Dillard's, a couple of years ago. It is teal/navy and very soft (its a natural fiber). I really like it.

So using the tutorial from Make It and Love It and my Sak purse, I was able to come up with a pretty nicely sized purse. I added a red zipper, and an interior pocket with elastic at the top. Also the inside is black canvas. Hopefully the purse is sturdy and will last for a while.

Gwennie modeled it for me, but then wanted to take a picture of me with it. So of course, I had to stand so you can sort of see the bump. I know its small, but its growing! (Also I look awful today, I haven't even brushed my hair. Yikes.)


lvh said...

That is so cool - makes me want to run out and buy an old sweater and send it to you so you can make one for me.

Amanda said...

Gorgeous! Nice work!

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