On the last day you were 4...

We woke up at our normal time, and you excitedly crossed off the last blank day on the calendar before the one circled that says "Gwen's b-day".
We stuck to our normal routine, breakfast and taking Rhayn to school. We even fit in a grocery store trip.
Your mama totally forgot about a previously scheduled play-date. (Whoops, parenting fail. Maybe I do need a smart phone.)
You reminded everyone, a million times, that tomorrow you will be 5.
You ate a whole container of raspberries.
You shared a lettuce wrap with your Daddy.
You drew a Christmas colored unicorn, then cut it out.
We talked about many things.
We shared a few handfuls of candy corn.
We picked up Rhayn from school (as usual).
Your mama remembered this very day and the next one from 2005.
You had soccer practice. Daddy took you, which is the best thing in the world to you.
*** to be continued

1 comment:

Cornfed Princess said...

This is such a great idea, I love that you'll always remember this day!

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