Gratitude Monday

Today I am grateful for

  • feeling better. Still not 100% but food is starting to appeal to me again. I don't feel queasy every time someone mentions curry which is excellent. With the girls 16 weeks was magical and an end to almost all of the ill feelings. I have hope, since that is only a week away. I also never thought I would make it this far, since the morning (evening/all day) sickness was so bad for a while there, I couldn't see the end of the tunnel. Not that I would volunteer to do this again (EVER) but I can see the part of being pregnant I remember- the fun, feeling good part.
  • being 15 weeks along. I am starting to bulge a little, sorry for the crappy picture. I am going to try to take a picture tonight to show the difference from morning to evening, usually you can tell I am pregnant at night and not in the morning. (This will be the last day wearing my Spock shirt for a while. Its way too tight already, since my breasts have swollen and now my belly is, too.)
  • quiet mornings. Other than a lie Rhayn told Gwennie this morning it was an easy one.
  • fun morning outings with friends. Yesterday a couple of friends and I had coffee at the Starbucks right by my house (its only a mile or so away). It was nice to catch up with them both. One of them I got to chat with more later when she came to pick up her kiddo at our house.
  • watching kids cook. Last night Rhayn and her friend, C, made dinner for us- French toast. I had made fresh French bread and sliced it for them, then they proceeded to cook a delicious dinner for our family.
I am torn on how I feel about a certain little girl's upcoming 5th birthday. She is excited about it, and I am trying to feel it, too. We've planned a birthday party for her, but its not until this weekend. Her actual birthday may go by without much celebration, I think we'll just have to wait and see.

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bodaat said...

oh i've been eagerly awaiting a pregnant belly picture! beautiful helena! :) thank you for sharing. -x-

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