At Peace

I have finally come to some decisions. They were hard to do, but I think this is best for me, for Will and for our family.
The only way to GUARANTEE that Will can be here for the birth is to take steps that I was originally not willing to take.
We have decided to induce labor, we will try rupturing membranes at home, at 2 am. The midwife and I are going to walk and do everything we can to get labor started and going good. If by 6:30 am nothing is happening, then we are going to the hospital.

I was against all of this, but as the days came closer and Will's Army drill looms on the horizon... We had to decide what to do.

This is funny, because I feel more at peace about all of this than I have in weeks. I don't know if its because I now KNOW that Will is going to be there, or if its just the right decision and God is letting me know. Maybe this was the push I needed to really allow myself to let go, I really don't know, the biggest thing is that I am ready, and calm. Now if I can get a little sleep.

I feel at peace. Calm. Better. Finally.


tif-do said...

I'm happy that you feel so good about it all, that will make for a happy birthing experience no matter where it happens. I'm glad that Will will be there for it. It will be such a great thing for both of you to welcome your little girl into your family. Love you!

leaner said...

Thanks, it is a good feeling, because all week I have felt "unsettled" maybe its best if she is born in the hospital... maybe this little buggaboo is a planner and needed her day "planned out." Or maybe its just something that Will and I needed to come to together.
The only thing I really know is that I am so ready for her! And SO excited and nervous at the same time.
I really hope I can get a little sleep tonight! Because I didn't have any sleep for like a few days before and after Rhayn's birth.
I want to be more alert for this one AND no epidural, and I think Will is going to be good support for that.

Pen-nut said...

That will be great to have Will there with you. Birth is a beautiful experience that you need to be together for no matter where it happens. We'll be excited to have that new little girl in the family. Love ya!!

leaner said...

Yes, I think that him not being there for Rhayn's made it hard for us. But since we weren't really on speaking terms... well. I just really NEED him there this time!
I will probably have my mom post a pic of her as soon as she can! (since mom is staying at my house to watch Rhayn.)

TLC said...

I'm praying for a peaceful entrance into the world for Gwennie, little intervention and quick delivery for you.

lvh said...

I know exactly how you feel about wanting Will there - Blaine was born about 11 hours before John left on a plane for Vietnam. That was a very scary time for me. Love ya and can't wait to see you get some pictures posted of that little girl.

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