Longest night

Hey- isn't that supposed to be in December?
I think that KNOWING I am going to have my baby soon, and knowing what time I report to the hospital is making this the longest night ever. Its dragging because I am so mentally aware. I should really try to sleep, I hope that Will gets a little sleep! One of us needs to be coherent in the morning. I am sure it won't be me, because even if I lay down- my mind is reeling and won't be settling down any time soon.
Oh well, I am going to ATTEMPT to sleep! HAHA!
Maybe my trusty Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone will knock me out!


hairball said...

If you are still awake, try the 10th kingdom. the cheesy music and bad acting always puts me down for a nap.

dacheese said...

Happy BABY! NOw All we need is mine to come out!!!

leaner said...

I think I got 3 hours! more thanI got with Rhayn.

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