When Will came home from Iraq he started talking about starting his own internet/media consulting firm. He's always had aspirations to be his own boss, so this wasn't news to me. But then he started implementing a plan and even turned in a letter to his job advising them of his plan to vacate said job. This was months ago. Since then he has been working on many other things that had taken him away from his (paying) civilian job. His time was split up so much that it became obvious to him (and to me) that he needed to either go to part time at his job or quit.

He requested a part-time position. He was denied. So he put in his two weeks and here we are. Monday was his last day at a paying job. For now he is working at home on some projects that he feels are worth pursuing. I am proud of him for taking that step.

At the same time, I am terrified. At this moment, we have no income. Add to that an issue with our insurance due to him changing from the National Guard to the Army Reserves and you end up with a stressed out pregnant lady.

I am trying to take it all in stride. I know he has a plan. I know that he will make it. I also know that we'll bounce back from this if he were to fail. I am lucky to have found, as a life partner, a person who wants to better himself and his family. Will works so hard, harder than anyone else I know. Eventually his hard work will pay off and he will be a success. I know that.

But pregnancy = hormonal imbalance = crazy lady. I have to keep reminding myself that its all worth it. That in a few months, this stressful time will seem so long ago and will easily be forgotten. Until then, I really need to learn how to clip coupons and save money. This requires a whole new way of thinking.

Am I up for this challenge? I think so.

*This also makes me thankful for seeing a homebirth midwife because insurance isn't going to pay her anyway, so we'll have to set up a payment plan and cross our fingers that this baby isn't a brat like Gwennie and chooses to be head down and cooperative!


Mo said...

I wish you all the best with your new ventures as a family! Will has always struck me as someone who has his feet firmly on the ground and who knows where he is heading. I feel sure that he would not be making this move unless he was sure it would all work out for his family, but then I am sure you know that already.

Now may be the time for you to start compacting do you think? May be time for me to resume compacting too! :)

Amie said...

Wow, how terrifyingly exciting!!! He's motivated to do well. Good luck to him!

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