Gratitude Monday

I am thankful for-

  • This past year. Will has been home for over a year (He came home last year on August 28th.) I can not believe that he has been home for a year, nor can I believe that he was gone for a year. Its all surreal. I am grateful to have him home. I think its something that after his year away, I rarely take for granted.
  • 11 weeks along. Getting close to the second trimester, with an increase in energy and a decrease in puking! Whoo hooo! The baby is now the size of a fig, I guess.
  • New beginnings. I know there are some scary times on our horizon, but at the same time, I am excited to see what happens. (Nice and vague, huh? I'll write a post about it, soon. I promise.)


hairball said...

hey dear, do you have a time deadline for this second burn?

leaner said...

Hairball, I have no idea what that means!

hairball said...

celtic bird wood burning you asked me to do. do you need me to finish by a certain date?

bodaat said...

i can't believe it's been a year as well! congratulations!

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