dreams, sickies and adjustments

So far adjusting to Will being home in the mornings hasn't been too bad. Its throwing off our rhythm, but we'll just need to establish a new one. The dogs love their morning walk.

As for me, well I've been sick. No, not the morning sickness, that is tapering off. Its been a week of migraines. Tuesday evening I had the tell-tale auras that precede some of my migraines. The yesterday I was feeling great, until the afternoon when WHAM! I was struck by a nasty headache. Its lingering still. Tylenol is taking the edge off, and allowing me to function, but it is not fun.

Gwennie had a bad dream last night. I guess. She won't tell me about it, but she has been a mess today. I think that she didn't sleep well because of her nightmare. We were in the car and she asked me if I really wanted to know about her dream because "its too scary for adults" and she wasn't sure I wanted to hear about it. I reassured her that I did want to hear, if she wanted to tell me. She then decided not to tell me. I don't think she wants to talk about it, but I know that if she does, she'll feel better. Maybe tomorrow she will be willing to talk about it.


BrieP said...

Madders had a nightmare that there was a huge eraser erasing everything... The house, cars, trees, everything...

Anonymous said...

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